Your Concerns In Choosing an Outsource Partner

  • Privacy and Security Issues
  • Size of the partner
  • Will they pay attention to you?
  • Will they be around?
  • Are the partners process flexible to minimize disruptions?
  • Any quality control process in place?

Our Assurances To Your Concerns

Privacy & Security Measures

  • Original documents never leave the client’s office. Security measures are taken to make sure that the the scanned documents/ information are protected.
  • Clients can create own passwords, so no one (not even the ASP) can have access to the passwords.
  • As Infomap is a Chartered Accountant firm, it is governed by a code of professional ethics that mirror those of the AICPA. Additionally, a non-disclosure agreement can be put in place to protect confidential information.

Will They Pay Attention To You?

Infomap being a midsize professional firm, we are well positioned to offer more personalized services customized to the clients needs.

Will They Be Around?

Infomap is the BPO arm of our C.A professional firm, of a standing of more than 20 years. Our core business is Accounting unlike any other BPO units.

Are The Partner’s Process Flexible To Minimize Disruptions?

Our operational methods are tailor made to meet clients requirements. We have dedicated and well trained staff to provide hassle free business support to meet your requirements.

Any Quality Control Process In Place?

Each client’s work is assigned to a team headed by a qualified Chartered Accountant who reviews the work to ensure quality.