Bookkeeping Outsourcing

Outsource your Bookkeeping to Infomap

Infomap Bookkeeping service for the CPA and Accounting firms is designed to help these firms manage the bookkeeping workload, expand the client base and increase the firm's efficiency and profitability without any increase fixed cost and labor.

We understand every CPA firm or an Accounting firm has much core activities and core competence which fetches them $$$ rather than just bookkeeping, but still bookkeeping is most of the time the base to all this value added services, for which you do need a dedicated bookkeeper or a team of bookkeepers. This is where outsourcing accounting plays a vital part. You can outsource your accounting to Infomap as in

  • General Accounting
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation and Analysis

We outsource your Clients bookkeeping to our offshore sites and the outsourced bookkeeping is then taken care by our dedicated bookkeepers supervised by Chartered Accountants.

Outsourcing your Clients Bookkeeping to Infomap not only reduces your cost but also enables you to get on time accounting data to be delivered to your Clients.

Outsourcing your Clients Bookkeeping relieves you of employments burdens. Outsourcing the bookkeeping has proved successful for companies of all sizes whether it's a few hours of work every day or few peoples work every day.


Outsourcing Benefits

It is evident that bookkeeping is important in any organization. But what if you do not have the required resources or professionals in house to handle your bookkeeping needs? To train certain employees or to even hire an accountant or bookkeeper could exhaust your company resources. It also prevents you from focusing on your core business. If you are facing a scenario where your financial records are in need of expert and professional management and you cannot spare the resources or money to conduct this work yourself, it is wise to outsource.

India is a popular outsourcing location with its growing expertise in the IT domain. It is a country with an educated and professional work force, who can handle projects of varying complexity and produce cost effective quality results. So it is no surprise that several global companies have chosen India as an offshore outsourcing destination for different business processes.

If you have any enquiries related to outsourcing bookkeeping to India and the bookkeeping services. Please contact us for your outsourcing requirements. Our service and rates can be tailor made to customer's requirement and budget.


Quality and Security

Infomap bookkeeping process guarantees the accuracy, quality, and security of your data. To be truly effective, they have a very user friendly process in place. You can send your paper documents through an e-fax or by scanning & emailing it. Once they receive the scanned image of the document, the transaction is posted in the accounting software of your choice.