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The Process & Procedures

There are 4 ways, that we can do e-accounting

  1. Server Based
  2. Remote access
  3. Application Service Providers (ASP)
  4. Online QuickBooks

Server Based

You Send us the Source Docs - You Scan the Documents & upload to a secure server OR e-mail them to our mail box.

We update your books - We update your books the same night. You will have to provide us a back up copy of your books (QuickBooks back up).

We give you the Updated Books - We mail the updated books to your e-mail or load them on to a secure server. You come to office the next morning and download the updated books from the server to your computer.

Remote Access

You Send us the Source Docs - You Scan the Documents & upload to a secure server, e-mail them to our mail box or place it in your computer for our access.

We Connect to Your Computer via internet securely- We connect to your computer using a remote desktop access service like or Secure VPN.

We Update the Books and logout - You come to office the next morning and find the books updated on your computer!

Application Service Providers

You Send us the Source Docs - You Scan the Documents & upload to an ASP secure server.

We Use the ASP server software - We login to ASP server. (e.g. / and update the books.

We Update the Books and logout - You login to the online accounting software via internet whenever you need - 24x7 - and see the updated books. This is more cost effective and secure system which we can also adopt. There are ASPs which provides online accounting on a Virtual Desktop atmosphere.

Online QuickBooks

Similar to ASPs, but we can use only online QuickBooks; no other application programs will be available. ( This has a disadvantage that presently they do not provide the inventory feature. So in case we intend to maintain inventory, this will not be suitable. Cost about $ 20.00 per month.


Transferring of Source documents:
Documents that are to be scanned & transmitted:

  1. Purchase Invoices
  2. Check Stubs which includes all payments.
  3. Daily consolidated sales report if any (or we take all bank deposits as sales)
  4. Statement of credit card.
  5. Bank statements.

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